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Meg Fuller
Chairperson & Trustee

Margaret Fuller has been a professional librarian working in education for most of her working life. She is now an information manager and specialises in intellectual property, information security and data protection for a government executive agency.

Born in South London she moved to Worcestershire in the late 90s, where she has been active in the local church, a volunteer with the Red Cross, member of various professional committees and a union representative. Margaret is single but is grateful for the joy of an extended family including god children, great nephews and nieces. She enjoys singing, walking, bird watching, reading and going to the theatre.

Margaret has experience as a trustee for both professional and voluntary organisations. She was a founder member of the HGG Society. A member of her family was diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency over 20 years ago and she believes that it is important to provide a secure and supportive network for people who have been diagnosed with such conditions. She is pleased to support the initiative to set up UKPIPS and hopes that it will provide information and hope for those who are diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency.