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To those of you who have recently signed up with us via the website, we don’t know where you are – yet.

But would you be willing to become an Area Co-ordinator for your local Immunology Centre? One of the many things we want to do at UKPIPS is to get close to our membership and to commit time to getting to know them on a face to face basis wherever and however possible.

Be assured, as an Area Co-ordinator, we do not plan to ‘run you ragged’ – but we do need people at all the UK Primary Immune Deficiency clinics to keep literature supplies available and to encourage as many of those as possible who attend them, to work with us. Especially, we need to keep local doctors aware of what we’re doing in terms of who we are and what we do.

A key initiative on which we need to follow through, is providing doctors in their surgeries with a ‘check sheet’ that provides vital pointers to the early diagnosis of Primary Antibody Deficiency and Primary Immune Deficiency. It’s still taking far too long to diagnose Immune Deficiencies as a whole and distribution of our little A4 poster in the surgery rooms where doctors go for a cuppa or to put their feet up for a brief rest, could do so much.

If you can help please get in touch by completing this short form.