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There are many things needing our attention in the early days of UKPIPS – and publicity material is very close to the top of the list.

Currently, we’re awaiting some funding so we can go ‘all out’ to get our publicity to places where it matters and we hope to achieve those objectives quite soon.

In the meantime, we thought you’d all like to see what’s been prepared thus far and maybe you might even be willing to run off a few copies of each to give to people you know with a Primary Antibody Deficiency (PAD) or Primary Immune Deficiency (PID)? Remember, you’re under no obligation to do this, but if the mood takes you – we won’t object.

Downloadable content

  • Information leaflet. This is a single piece of A4 paper printed on both sides and then folded 1/3rd and 2/3rds across in landscape. It gives a brief history of how UKPIPS came into being and what it plans to do. We’re currently producing a lot of these until we can get some professionally printed. Click here to download.
  • Insert. This is a single piece of A4 sliced into three pieces that fits inside the leaflet and invites people to join UKPIPS and to identify how they’d like to receive the Newsletter. Click here to download or use our online form.
  • Posters 1 and 1A. We’ve designed these ideally so that they could sit side by side when on display as they give a very brief thumbnail summary of what UKPIPS is about. These will safely enlarge up to A3. Click here to download Poster 1 and here for Poster 1A.

There are many more plans for different posters and leaflets – and if you have some thoughts on what you’d like to see, please let us know.